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Pyka Project Manager for mac 1.0.10 破解版(图书馆应用程序)

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Pyka for mac是一个图书馆应用程序项目。Pyka为在基于项目的环境中工作的人员设计,将其图书馆项目提升到一个全新的水平。从事项目的个人或团队会遇到许多挑战和问题。虽然有许多解决方案来帮助人们管理自己的时间,但几乎没有任何东西可以帮助人们管理他们的图书馆和档案项目......直到今天!


  • Pyka将硬盘上的文件和文件夹混杂在一起,然后将其拖放到统一的库项目中。

  • Pyka你的项目就像一棵家族树。在Pyka中,您可以根据需要保留许多不同版本的项目,而无需复制数据或在硬盘上创建大量文件夹。Pyka组织,跟踪,管理和储存您的项目版本,首次以友好和直观的方式提供对大众的直观控制。

  • Pyka允许您按照需要经常使用和重复使用常用资源,如徽标,电影和图片,但只能存储一次。这大大减少了您的图书馆的存储空间。

  • Pyka库可以存在于一个位置,也可以跨越多个可能配置的多个存储卷。这允许用户有很多外部硬盘驱动器结合您的存储空间,以建立一个大型图书馆与图书馆故障安全备份。

  • 最重要的是,Pyka专注于搜索存储系统项目。Pyka并没有让你确切地记住存储的东西,而是使用你记忆的任何信息。所以你所做的只是一些击键而已。


  • 使用共享存储网络,Pyka使用户能够查看项目,而其他用户进行更改。现在,当一个队友进行更改时,管理员和项目经理现在可以在桌面上收到实时更新。

  • 通过使用共享存储网络,Pyka允许大型团队在项目中进行合作,将大规模的大规模团体分配给不同的团队成员。无论你是创建一家大公司的报告,制作一本月刊,制作一个有很多场景和镜头的电影,还是在任何大型项目上工作,都会使派卡不工作。

  • 使用共享存储网络,Pyka还可以解决团队成员之间传递的项目问题。切勿再次发送链式电子邮件中的另一个zip文件项目。永远不要去搜索一个团队成员的文件夹,找到一个项目再次负责。不要再受到团队成员中断的后果。协作是Pyka设计的核心。

  • 这些以及许多其他的东西使Pyka成为个人和团队项目工作的强大工具。

  • 改进降低了性能。


  • 在用户界面中纠正了一个小错误,导致表格变黑。

  • Pyka现在为喜欢浏览而不是搜索的用户提供了一个直观的浏览器!

  • Pyka提供了一个列表视图来伴随图标视图!

  • 通过项目导入的文件现在将其创建日期继承到项目的创建日期。这反映在搜索所有新导入的文件。

  • Pyka现在允许用户通过已包含的广告系列搜索文件。

  • Pyka现在允许用户搜索已经在项目中使用过的用户的文件。

  • 在搜索引擎中纠正错误有时会导致多个时间戳会相互抵消。

  • 搜索引擎中的错误已更正,有时会导致Campaign代码取消某些类型的搜索结果。

  • 使时间标签更直观地找到。

Pyka is a revolutionary new library application project and the first working Hub world. Designed for people who work in project – based environments, Pyka takes its library project to a whole new level. There are many challenges and problems that arise when individuals or teams working on projects. While there are many solutions to help people manage their time, almost nothing exists to help people manage their library and archives project … until today!

Features for individuals and teams:
• Pyka takes the clutter of files and folders on your hard drive and drag them to a unified library projects.
• Pyka your projects is like a family tree. In Pyka, you can keep many different versions of your projects as you want without duplicating data or make a mess of folders on your hard drive. Pyka organizes, tracks, manages and stores versions of your projects, providing intuitive control of the masses for the first time in a friendly and visually versions.
• Pyka allows you to use and reuse common assets such as logos, movies and pictures, as often as desired while stored only once. This dramatically reduces the storage footprint of your library.
• The Pyka libraries may exist in one location or span multiple storage volumes on multiple possible configurations. This allows users to have a lot of external hard drives combine your storage space to build a large library with libraries fail – safe backup.
• And best of all, Pyka focuses its storage system projects around the search. Instead of making you remember exactly where something is stored, Pyka works with any information that you remember. So all you’ve done is just a few keystrokes away.

Features for small and large teams:
• Using shared storage network, Pyka gives users the ability to view projects while other users make changes. Managers and project managers can now receive live updates on your desktop whenever a teammate makes a change.
• Using shared storage network, Pyka allows large teams to collaborate on projects into sub – dividing large mass, which can be assigned to different team members. Whether you’re creating a report of a large company, building a monthly magazine, creating a movie with many scenes and shots, or working on any large scale project, retracts Pyka not work.
• Using shared storage network, Pyka also takes away the headache to projects that pass between team members. Never send another zip file project in a chain email again. Never go to search the folder for a team member to find a project to be responsible again. Never again suffer the consequences of the disruption of a team member. Collaboration is the heart of the design Pyka.
• Fully compatible with most storage volumes SMB network file and AFP.

These and many other things are what make Pyka a powerful tool for individuals and teams working on projects.

New in version

Fixed in this update:
• Improvements lower performance.

It fixed in recent updates:
• a minor fault is corrected in the user interface that caused the tables were black.
• Pyka now offers an intuitive browser for users who prefer to browse rather than search!
• Pyka offers a list view to accompany the icon view!
• Imported files through projects now inherit their creation date to the creation date of the project. This is reflected in the search for all newly imported files.
• Pyka now allows users to search for files by campaigns that have been included.
• Pyka now allows users to search for files by users who have worked with them on projects.
• a fault is corrected in the search engine that sometimes caused several timestamps will cancel each other.
• a fault is corrected in the search engine that sometimes caused the Campaign tags cancel some kinds of search results.
• Made the time tag out more intuitive to find.



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