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BorisFX Sapphire Plug-ins for mac 11.0.1 破解版

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GenArts PlugIns Bundle - Adobe After Effects,Autodesk和其他编辑器OFX版本的附加软件包,专为图像处理和综合效果而设计,分为几类:照明,程式化,失真,清晰度,过渡效果等。另外有一组参数可以是动画的,所以通过补充可以获得的效果的数量经常增加。

蓝宝石11现在可用于所有支持的主机,包括Adobe,Avid,Autodesk Flame系列和OFX主机。

蓝宝石11是所有VFX插件的主要升级版本。主要功能包括集成引擎平面掩模和监控摩卡蓝宝石效应获奖奥斯卡奖。除了添加摩卡,超过50个新的效果和转换,与蓝宝石生成器,还包括与蓝宝石11包括。火焰欧特克表演将受益于增加了独家S_Mocha火花,允许导出跟踪数据摩卡平面用于其他模块火焰组成。最后,和所有主要版本一样,Sapphire 11已经针对最高性能的CPU和GPU进行了优化。向下滚动以获取更多信息。


蓝宝石11基于强大的蓝宝石生成器效果,添加了超过50个预设和多个转换高度风格化的效果。轻松拖放到项目中或根据需要自定义。这些高度先进的预设是由专业的高级编辑和艺术家在日常工作中使用蓝宝石创建的。任何探索过Effect Builder功能的人都知道,这些新的预设就像是新的蓝宝石效果,所以我们很高兴能够在蓝宝石11中包含50多个预设。请观看视频以进行快速预览。

S_Mocha spark独家专用于Autodesk Flame Family
Sapphire 11,用于Autodesk Flame Family包括一个独有的S_Mocha火花,包括所有当前的导出监控数据和屏蔽Mocha Pro Flame,包括导出到Flame GMask的形状数据和跟踪从mocha直接导出的数据。



蓝宝石和转换生成器的生成器效果使用户能够轻松探索和测试蓝宝石的效果,让艺术家和出版商创建自己的自定义效果和转换。生成器出厂时有超过150个预设用于创建和修改目的,所以您可以立即开始使用它。探索新的效果预设名称,性别或特色艺术家。使用Builder制作的所有新效果和转换可以保存为预设和共享兼容主机:Adobe After Effects,Adobe Premiere Pro,Avid Media Composer和DaVinci Resolve

GenArts PlugIns Bundle – a package of add- ons for Adobe After Effects, Autodesk and other editors OFX version, designed for image processing and synthesis effects, divided into several categories: lighting, stylization, distortion, on sharpness, transition effects, etc. Each addition has a set of parameters that can be animated, so that the number of effects that can be obtained with supplements often increases.

Sapphire 11 is now available for all supported hosts, including Adobe, Avid, Autodesk Flame family and OFX hosts.
Resolve including, Fusion and NUKE.

Sapphire 11 is a major upgrade for all VFX plug-ins. Key features include integration engine plane masking and monitoring Mocha winning Academy Award in the Sapphire effect. Besides adding Mocha, more than 50 new effects and transitions, created with Sapphire Builder, also included with Sapphire 11. Flame Autodesk performers will benefit from the addition of an exclusive S_Mocha spark, which allows the export of tracking data mocha planar for use in other modules Flame composition. And finally, as in all major releases, Sapphire 11 has been optimized for maximum performance CPU and GPU. Scroll down for more information.

Monitoring and integrated masking Mocha
Sapphire is proud to have a planar tracking and masking the legendary Mocha integrated set of plug-ins VFX. From your favorite effect, Sapphire now has the ability to launch and track Mocha and create a mask using flat tracking technology winner Academy Award. Mocha masks can be used in various ways, from simple isolation until complete rotoscopia. Sapphire power users have long known the secret to creating great effects has always been used masks to selectively isolate and now work with this technique it is easier than ever. Sapphire 11 Mocha is currently available for all supported hosts, and also presented at Sapphire units.

Over 50 new predefined effects and transitions
Sapphire 11 adds over 50 presets and multiple transitions highly stylized effects based on the powerful effect Sapphire Builder. Drag and drop easily into a project or customize as desired. These highly advanced presets are created by professional senior editors and artists who use Sapphire in their daily work. Anyone who has explored the power of the Effect Builder knows that these new presets are like new Sapphire effects, so we’re excited to include more than 50 in Sapphire 11. Watch the video for a quick preview.

S_Mocha spark exclusive included for Autodesk Flame Family
Sapphire 11 for Autodesk Flame Family includes an exclusive S_Mocha spark that includes all current export monitoring data and masking Mocha Pro Flame, including shape data exported to Flame GMask and tracking data exported from mocha directly to a surface action.

Increases overall performance and improved effects
with each major release of Sapphire, benchmarks CPU and GPU are analyzed thoroughly and all possible efforts are made to increase the speed and overall performance. Sapphire 11 also has several classic effects of Zafiro and improved transitions, primarily as a result of comments from users. Watch the video of the Swish new 3D presetting improved.

The best lighting effects
A long kept secret in Hollywood film community, the lighting package Sapphire has been used in countless films, commercials and TV shows. It’s fast, attractive and is packed with many smart features time – saving that will make your images look beautiful in no time. Whether it shine, flash, lens flare, rays of light or glare, lighting package Sapphire lived up to expectations.

Effect of Sapphire and Transition Builder gives users the ability to explore and test the effects of Sapphire easily, allowing artists and publishers to create their own custom effects and transitions. Builder is shipped with more than 150 presets for creative and correctional purposes, so you can start using it immediately. Explore new effect presets name, gender or featured artist. All new effects and transitions made with Builder can be saved as presets and shared compatible hosts: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve



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