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MacFamilyTree for mac 8.3.3

2018-03-09 | 应用软件 | admin | 72
大小:214 MB  \   语言:英文  \   系统:OSX 10.7以上  \   分类:系统应用
软件介绍 - Software information:


重新发现MacFamilyTree 8的家谱:现代,互动,舒适和快速。发现你的家族历史,并用一种工具研究你的家谱,这些工具只能在梦中想象出几代编年史家。MacFamilyTree不仅将帮助重建家人的历史,而且还将在令人印象深刻的报告和图表中呈现数据和事实。

通过MacFamilyTree提供的各种选项收集并显示您的家庭信息8.您想要以报告形式,图表或创新的虚拟树三维显示显示您的家庭关系:MacFamilyTree 8是完美的解决方案。

同步您的数据与iCloud的同步选项,请为他的研究建立一个庞大的族谱数据库,生成网络和家庭,或随时随地使用移动版MobileFamilyTree 8(可单独购买)查看iPhone,iPad相册页面和iPod touch。

MacFamilyTree 8简介:
- 用户界面,易于使用,快速和舒适
- 新的互动树:浏览所有的家谱,查看所有个人和家庭,并直接添加人员
- FamilySearch:访问世界上最大的家谱数据库约十亿张门票给个人和家庭。FamilySearch将允许您在舒适的家中进行彻底的调查。
- 族谱专门为使用Apple技术的Mac开发,以获得最佳性能

- 各种各样的图表和视图,p。例如图形:沙漏,表祖先,时间轴,双表祖先,统计数据,分布名称(全名),统计图(基于Apple地图),显示扇形模式或地球仪,图形亲属关系或genograma 
- 多种报告,页。例如:个人,家庭报告亲属报告,报告叙述名单,事件列表,报告特点,人物分析,周年纪念,人员名单,婚姻名单,报告合理性,字体列表,列表任务,报告地图等等后代报告。
- 观察虚拟世界多年来您的家人在全球的传播情况
- 虚拟树MacFamilyTree 8将提供全新的家庭历史视角 - 三维

- 与家庭或其他数百万用户之一进行协作,并访问数千万人的条目,并将这些内容直接下载到您的家谱中。
- 在MacFamilyTree.com免费发布您的家谱,如果需要也可以使用密码保护
- 与目击者进行面谈并保存这些视频或录音
- 您可以直接从MacFamilyTree电子邮件,短信,Twitter或Facebook发送所有图表和报告

MacFamilyTree 8的新功能:
通过MacFamilyTree 8,您可以访问我们家谱软件的最全面更新。
享受完全改进的界面,交互式树状结构以及智能滤波器的引入。MacFamilyTree 8为您提供了数百个小改进和改进。

Rediscover genealogy with MacFamilyTree 8: modern, interactive, comfortable and fast. Discover your family history and research your family tree with a tool, which generations of chroniclers could only have imagined in dreams. MacFamilyTree will not only help in reconstructing the history of his family, but also will present data and facts in impressive reports and graphs useful.

Collect and display your family information with various options MacFamilyTree offers 8. It is you want to display your family relationships in report form, diagram or innovative three – dimensional displays of Virtual Tree: MacFamilyTree 8 is the perfect solution.

Synchronize your data with synchronization option for iCloud, please a huge database of genealogy for his research, generate web and family or investigate on the go with the mobile version MobileFamilyTree 8 (available separately) for iPhone, iPad albums pages and iPod touch.

MacFamilyTree 8 in brief:
– User interface, easy to use, fast and comfortable
– The new Interactive Tree: Browse all your family tree, see to all individuals and families, and add people directly
– FamilySearch: Access largest genealogy database in the world with about one billion tickets for individuals and families. FamilySearch will allow you to conduct a thorough investigation in the comfort of your home.
– Genealogy developed especially for Mac using Apple technologies to get the most performance possible to

display the pedigree: Charts, reports, views and lists
– Wide variety of graphs and views, p. eg graphic .: hourglass, table ancestors, timeline, double table ancestors, statistics, distribution names (as full names), statistical maps (based on Apple Maps), display fan mode or globe , graphic kinship or genograma
– Wide variety of reports, p. Ex .: personal, family report Relatives Report, report narrated list of places, list of events, report peculiarities, analysis of people, anniversaries, lists of people, lists of marriages, report Plausibility, font list, list task, report maps and more offspring report.
– Observe the virtual globe how your family has spread across the planet through the years
– the virtual tree MacFamilyTree 8 will deliver a completely new vision of family history, three – dimensional
– Full support for Retina displays: Interface, diagrams and views compatible with high – resolution displays for optimal viewing

research and publication
– Collaborate with family , or with one of the millions of other users- and access thousands of millions of entries of people , and download these directly to your family tree.
– Publish your family tree for free at MacFamilyTree.com, if desired also password protected
– Conduct interviews with eyewitnesses and save these videos or voice recordings with your notes
– All diagrams and reports can be sent directly from MacFamilyTree email, messaging, Twitter or Facebook

What ‘s New in MacFamilyTree 8:
with MacFamilyTree 8 you will have access to the most comprehensive update of our genealogy software.
Enjoy a completely revamped interface, Interactive tree as well as the introduction of Smart Filters. MacFamilyTree 8 gives you hundreds of small improvements and refinements.



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