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OmniPlan Pro for mac 3.9.2

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项目摘要检查器 - 新的项目摘要检查器显示总项目持续时间,工作量,差异,完成百分比和成本。
仪表板 - 现在可以通过工具栏中的查看选项来更改仪表板的可见时标。选择预设日期范围,或指定自定义范围。
仪表板 - 仪表板项目列现在可以调整大小,允许显示更长的项目标题。将光标悬停在截断的项目标题上也会显示完整标题的工具提示。
仪表板 - Project项目中的项目总计现在包含在项目统计中。
仪表板 - 仪表板中的实际/基线时间表弹出按钮的外观已更新。
帮助 - OmniPlan的帮助内容已更新,并解释了此版本中包含的新功能。“帮助”中的一些过期信息和拼写错误也已得到纠正。
检查器 - 项目格式检查器中的日期选项现在以更合理的顺序显示。
打印 - 页面属性选项已在报告打印对话框中稍微重新排列。
日历视图 - 日历视图侧栏中的正常时间/额外和关闭时间控制器的所有四个角现在都被舍入。
仪表板 - 当您将鼠标悬停在仪表板窗口中的资源分配栏上时,现在可靠地显示包含项目和任务分配信息的工具提示。
仪表板 - 资源列表现在在检查仪表板视图选项中的“显示资源”后打开全高。
文档窗口 - 在多个窗口中打开的文档现在重新打开,以在关闭后更正状态。
导出 - 修复了将项目导出为PDF或TIFF时可能导致丢失日期标题的错误。
当查看▸非工作时间时,现在显示甘特图 - 关闭小时计划例外▸在OmniPlan菜单栏中选择假期。
调平 - 修正了在某些特定场景中进行调平时可能导致项目进度计划出现空白的错误。
调平 - 解决了在资源和资源组分配的某些组合中进行调平后可能导致资源分配出现错误的错误。
本地化 - “注册Omni简报”和“简介视频”菜单项目现在已经本地化。
Microsoft Project Export - 修复了OmniPlan的Microsoft Project导出工具中可能导致成本信息导出错误的错误。
Microsoft Project导入 - Microsoft Project 2016文件不再导入锁定的任务日期。
Microsoft Project Import - 修复了一个可能导致里程碑日期无法从Microsoft Project文件正确导入的错误。
蒙特卡洛模拟 - 蒙特卡洛模拟报告现在包括最佳情况和最坏情况成本值。
网络视图 - 修复了可能导致不必要的连接在网络图中绘制的错误。
资源视图 - 解决了一个可能导致资源类型列中的图标在某些显示器上显示模糊的错误。
任务大纲 - 在Inspector中进行更改不会丢弃挂起的任务标题编辑。
稳定性 - 修复了在Network View中工作时设置比开始日期早的结束日期时可能发生的崩溃。
稳定性 - 解决了断开外部显示器或启用AirPlay到AppleTV时可能发生的故障。

With OmniPlan, you can create logical, manageable project plans with Gantt charts, schedules, summaries, milestones, and critical paths. Break down the tasks needed to make your project a success, optimize resources, and streamline budgets. It’s project management made painless.

How to get your project done on time and under budget:
Translate strategy into tactics everyone can understand
Create summaries of work broken into lists of activities
Distribute workloads fairly and efficiently
Manage costs as you go
Plan, monitor, and control it all with software designed to make your job easier, not harder.

Version 3.9:
Project Summary Inspector – The new Project Summary Inspector displays total project duration, effort, variance, completion %, and cost.
Dashboard – It is now possible to change the visible timescale for a Dashboard via the View options in the toolbar. Select a preset date range, or specify a custom range.
Dashboard – The Dashboard Project column is now resizable, allowing for longer project titles to be displayed. Hovering your cursor over a truncated project title also now reveals a tooltip with the full title.
Dashboard – Total project effort is now included in Project Stats.
Dashboard – The appearance of the Actual/Baseline schedule pop-up button in the Dashboard has been updated.
Help – OmniPlan’s Help content has been updated with explanations of the new functionality included in this release. A couple instances of out of date information and typos in the Help have also been corrected.
Inspector – Date options in Project Formats Inspector are now displayed in a more logical order.
Printing – Page Attribute options have been slightly rearranged in the Report printing dialogue.
Calendar View – All four corners of the Normal Hours/Extra & Off Hours controller in the Calendar View sidebar are now rounded.
Dashboard – A tooltip with project and task assignment information now reliably appears when hovering your cursor over resource allocation bars in the Dashboard window.
Dashboard – Resource list now opens full height after checking “Show Resources” in the Dashboard View Options.
Document Windows – Documents opened in multiple windows now re-open to correct state after they are closed.
Export – Fixed a bug that could cause missing date headers when exporting a project to PDF or TIFF.
Gantt – Off Hours schedule exceptions now display when View ▸ Non-Working Time ▸ Holidays is selected in the OmniPlan menu bar.
Leveling – Fixed a bug that could cause gaps in the project schedule when leveling in some specific scenarios.
Leveling – Addressed a bug that could cause resource assignments to appear wrong after leveling in some combinations of Resource & Resource Group assignments.
Localizations – “Sign Up for the Omni Newsletter” and “Intro Video” menu items are now localized.
Microsoft Project Export – Fixed a bug in OmniPlan’s Microsoft Project export tool that could cause cost information to export incorrectly.
Microsoft Project Import – Microsoft Project 2016 files no longer import with locked task dates.
Microsoft Project Import – Fixed a bug that could cause milestone dates to not import correctly from Microsoft Project files.
Monte Carlo Simulations – Monte Carlo Simulation reports now include best-case and worst-case cost values.
Network View – Fixed a bug that could cause unnecessary connections to draw in the Network Diagram.
Resource View – Addressed a bug that could cause icons in the Resource Type column to appear blurry on some displays.
Task Outline – Making a change in the Inspector no longer discards pending task title edits.
Stability – Fixed a crash that could occur when setting an end date earlier than a start date while working in Network View.
Stability – Addressed a crash that could occur when disconnecting an external display or enabling AirPlay to an AppleTV.



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