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Digital Anarchy Beauty Box Video for mac 4.2.0

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对于After Effects,Premiere Pro和Final Cut Pro X. 
Beauty Box Video 4是皮肤修饰中的下一代产品!通过使用诸如人脸检测之类的高级技术,该添加的皮肤修饰会自动识别肤色,同时保留重要的面部特征。Beauty Box在After Effects,Premiere Pro,Sony Vegas和Avid中比以往更容易修饰视频。告别手动或润饰帧边框。

Beauty Box Video 4.0技术提供最畅销的平滑和获奖皮肤,并提供实时渲染(在某些GPU中)。Beauty Box已经具备了自动遮罩和修饰任何插件皮肤的最佳功能,现在它的渲染速度也非常快。

我们使用CUDA和OpenGL Beauty Box来实时或近乎实时地显示Nvidia和AMD最新的视频卡。他的才华将与以往一样美丽,但现在不必等待,以平滑皱纹和瑕疵!

Beauty Box Video Retouching皮肤插件通过结合人脸检测和平滑算法的先进技术,用作化妆数字后期制作。高清视频和4K可能会看到的皮肤边缘和化妆问题被删除。数字化妆品的现实和快速实施,使你的天赋看起来很棒,而不会让它们看起来被喷刷或模糊。培养快乐的人才和生产者。

美容盒可自动识别肤色并消除不完美之处(如数码化妆),同时留下重要的敏锐面部细节。视频编辑和艺术家不再需要手动创建蒙版并逐帧修饰。它用于Park Road Post Production,NBC和环球音乐等公司的特色,广告和音乐视频。美容盒是任何要求人们看起来更好的生产的强大工具。

Beauty Box皮肤修饰插件视频通过结合人脸检测算法和边缘平滑,为后期制作中的演员或模型更改令人难以置信的图像。此添加视频会自动识别肤色并消除缺陷,同时保留重要的面部细节。发布者和艺术家不再需要手动创建蒙版并逐帧修饰。无论是用于专题片,音乐视频还是企业头像,Beauty Box Video都是任何需要让人看起来更美的制作的强大工具。

美容盒视频提供编辑和视觉效果艺术家,以电影和视频工作,以简单而强大的方式平滑皮肤和去除瑕疵。无论是用于专题片,真人秀节目还是企业宣传片,Beauty Box都能提供最佳的美肤状态。

- 自动平滑皮肤瑕疵
- 保持自然的皮肤纹理和重要细节
- 获得自然和一致的专业效果 - 自动

美容箱是简单和自动使用。After Effects中添加视频后,Final Cut Pro,Premiere Pro,Sony Vegas和Avid使用人脸检测功能自动识别肤色,并创建一个可将平滑效果限制在皮肤区域的遮罩。只需应用过滤器,选择框架,单击“分析”按钮框架,设置一些平滑选项,然后让修剪后的皮肤恢复原状。那是!


有许多简单的方法可以使用Beauty Box:
- 使用扫描按钮自动创建平滑面具。
- 使用皮肤平滑工具调整平滑皮肤的效果。
- 使用蒙版工具更改蒙版。
- 使用微调控件来保存细节,如面部特征。

Beauty Box插件的一些实用和创意功能包括:
- 人脸检测:使用人脸检测算法识别肤色并创建自动掩码。
- 皮肤平滑:先进的平滑算法将减少皮肤皱纹并消除瑕疵。
- 锐化:内置锐化可保留诸如面部特征等重要细节。
- 添加谷物:谷物发生器有助于返回由于皮肤软化而丢失的谷物。
- 创建蒙版:使用可选的内置蒙版工具改进自动蒙版。
- 使用外部遮罩:当使用其他遮罩工具时,使用单独的图层控制平滑量。
- 使用路线和垃圾遮罩:在After Effects中,路径可用于设置要应用于视频效果的图层区域

For After Effects, Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro X. 
Beauty Box Video 4 is the next generation in skin retouching! By using advanced techniques such as face detection, this add skin retouching automatically identify skin tones while preserving important facial features. Beauty Box makes the process of retouching video in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and Avid easier than ever. Say goodbye to manual or retouch frame by frame masks.

Beauty Box Video 4.0 technology provides best – selling smoothing and award – winning skin and provides real – time rendering (in some GPUs). Beauty Box already had the best features automatic masking and retouching skin of any plugin and now has rendered incredibly fast too.

We use CUDA and OpenGL Beauty Box to give real – time or near real time in the most recent video cards Nvidia and AMD. His talent will be as beautiful as ever, but now will not have to wait to smooth wrinkles and blemishes!

Beauty Box Video Retouching skin plugin acts as makeup digital post production by incorporating state of the art of face detection and smoothing algorithms. the edge of the skin and makeup problems that may be visible with HD video and 4K is removed. Realistic and rapid implementation of digital makeup that makes your talent look great without making them look airbrushed or blurred. Making happy talent and producers.

Beauty Box automatically identifies skin tones and removes imperfections, such as digital makeup, while leaving important acute facial details. Video editors and artists no longer have to manually create masks and retouch frame by frame. It is used for features, commercials and music videos from companies like Park Road Post Production, NBC and Universal Music. Beauty Box is a powerful tool for any production that requires people look better.

The Beauty Box skin retouching plugin Video gives your actor or model change incredible image in post-production by incorporating face detection algorithms and edge smoothing. This add video automatically identifies skin tones and removes imperfections while leaving important facial details sharp. Publishers and artists no longer have to manually create masks and retouch frame by frame. Whether it used for a feature film, music video or corporate talking head, Beauty Box Video is a powerful tool for any production that requires people look better.

The Beauty Box Video provides editors and visual effects artists working with film and video in an easy and powerful way of smoothing skin and removing blemishes. Whether used for a feature film, reality TV show, or a corporate video, Beauty Box provides the best state of skin beautification.

Main features complement:
– automatically smoothes skin imperfections
– Maintains natural skin texture and important details
– Get a natural and consistent professional results – automatically

Beauty Box is simple and automatic use. This add video After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and Avid uses face detection to automatically identify skin tones and create a mask that limits the smoothing effect to just the skin areas. Simply apply the filter, select the frame, click the Analyze button frame, set some smoothing options and let the snap retouching skin back. That’s!

This automatic process is designed to accelerate workflow that is usually required for skin retouching in film. The mask is created not usually need any adjustment. If you want to make some adjustments, however, we have a lot of tools for you to work. This is especially important for designers working in tight or without additional masking tools available deadlines.

There are many easy ways to use Beauty Box:
– Use the Scan button to automatically create a smoothing mask.
– Make adjustments to the effects of smoothing the skin with skin smoothing tools.
– Make changes to the mask with the Mask tool.
– Use fine – tuning controls to preserve details such as facial features.

Some of the practical and creative features of Beauty Box plugin include:
– Face Detection: Use face detection algorithms to identify skin tones and create an automatic mask.
– Skin Smoothing: Advanced smoothing algorithms will reduce skin wrinkles and remove blemishes.
– Sharpening: Built -in sharpening keeps important details like facial features.
– Add Grain: A grain generator helps return any grain that is lost due to the softening of the skin.
– Creating the mask: Improve the auto-mask by using optional built -in mask tools.
– Use an external mask: Control the amount of smoothing with a separate layer when using other mask tools / broken.
– Use routes and Garbage Mattes: In After Effects, paths can be used to set the area of a layer to be applied to video effect

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